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 Distributed Computing Systems Lab.

Safer Internet Access


About Safeline

The Internet is a fascinating medium that is being widely used for communication, information, and entertainment purposes by millions of people. However, it is also being used for the distribution of illegal and objectionable material. Since the cyberspace has no national boundaries, illegal activities can easily find a "virtual shelter" in this medium.

SafeLine is a Hotline accepting reports concerning websites or newsgroups you found in the Internet and contain:

  • images of child abuse, anywhere in the world
  • racist and xenophobic content that, in your opinion, violates Greek law
  • other content, illegal, from your point of view

The primary purpose of the SafeLine hotline is to offer a direct and responsible point of contact for users demanding the criminal prosecution and the removal of illegal Internet content. SafeLine can be used to report material you come across on the Internet and appears to be illegal or objectionable. The SafeLine members will process your report in the most effective way and will take the appropriate actions by forwarding the reports to the legal authorities for further processing. Users making reports can be informed of their outcome, as soon as possible. Such users can remain anonymous if they so wish. Users' personal data are strictly confidential.

The projects Safeline and Netwatch, both funded by the Safer Internet Action Plan, support the actions of the Safeline hotline. This effort has also been expanded in Cyprus, through the SaferNet project that created SafeWeb, the Cypriot safer Internet hotline.